Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Digi Pack Research

For my Digi Pack I am looking for inspiration from other artists that are sole performers or their cover art is sort of along the lines i am sort of looking for. My idea is that i want to have a picture of my performer on the front of my cover and still having the monochrome contrast effect that i am having in my video take some element in the digipack. For the inside pictures of the album digi pack i am going to have one long picture across the three pannels of her in her whit dress across the drama studio with the lights and microphone set up and across the the back i am going to have pictures of her walking down the alley with the contrasting dress clour staggered image edited so that it all looks like one photo.
These are some examples which gave me abit of inspiration as i really liked the vulnerable look you have on Adele's Album which is also the same sort of feel you get with one aspect of my music video the part when she is filmed in the white dress, however at the same time i am also tying to make it look appealing and by conforming to the male gaze theory i would like to have her looking slightly more seductive like madonna yet at the same time not so much that women find it offensive so actually i'm sort of going for both types of audiences but mainly focusing on the male buyers.
The aura round the women on the muse album is a really nice effect and oit really excentuates the fact she is isolated from everything and in the blackness of space she is almost like a star and this type of effect could be really nice to play around with seeming as i was thinking of calling my album echoes and the aura effect sort of gives you that idea.

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