Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Inside My Head

So i was finding it hard to explain the way i would use the alley shot i would get so i edited the clip using adobe premiere i then found the alley clip and the shots i wanted from Florence and put my music with it to give you the kind of effect i want to have when putting my clip together. Because it's quite hard to describe to someone when you can so clearly see it in your head but this is as close enough example i can get without doing it myself.

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Camera Shots

Im just trying to get other examples of the shots i have in my head from other videos. So as one of the reoccurring pieces of footage i wanted my character to be either lying on her bed or on the floor i'm not really sure however the angle of the shots and what shots i want are almost perfectly replicated in the intro to cosmic love BY good old Florence + The Machine. I know they are a completely different genre but if u ignore the music and put mine over the top i can actually see it making sense and looking rather cool here are the screen shots and the whole thing. The reason why i want this is because it can really show the vulnerability of the girl in my video and it also gives the character the innocence needed so that it can be ruined by what actually happens.

Camera Shots

Just trawling through the deep confines of cyberspace when i happened to come across this, and when i say happened i searched for it on youtube, none the less this camera shot is a perfect copy of the shot that i had in my head that i wanted to use in my video. I would use it in such a way that with the music she would be slowly walking up it but back and forth making slow process via the use of editing. I also love the use of the focus as well which could make for an interesting few seconds of footage as i could have her out of focus until she got to a certain distance which would help show her slowly falling apart.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

More Research

Salade Tomates Oignons (Yuksek Remix) from Lionel Hirlé & Grégory Ohrel on Vimeo.
By random trawling of Vimeo i came across this music video which is admittedly abit odd however the first 30 seconds of the video is the sort of way i think would be good to start my music video and i know it focuses on bums for the rest of the video however that sort of low angle shot of whne they are walking down the street is something i would like to encorporate into my music video.

Location Ideas

I was just remembering a book i read a while ago called Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman. Whats relevant to my music video is the way he describes some of the locations in his book and the main one i was focusing on is a particular part in the book where he describes an alleyway scene and i was thinking of incorporating some alleys from bournemouth as it is a location near me and i already have seen some of the places i could use which i think would look good for some of the grimey looks i want. Anyway it was just the way he described everything in the alley made it seem so real and it sort of gave me ideas of where to look in bournmouth to find some of the alleys that i think would be useful.

More Ideas

Kind of like the binge drinking video effect of being the reverse way round of an evening i found this game trailer which is in reverse but it still has an incredibly strong story and i thought it could be a possible venture when doing my video it might be to much to try but the effect you get from this trailer is really moving and if i could do it with my video it would be a hard venture as long as it works i'll be happy.

Dead Island from axisanimation on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Genre Research

From the track i have chosen i have sort of gathered that the genre is sort of electro and post industrial type of music so by bearing both those genres in mind i went about searching and came about this video. It's actually a trailer for a film however the style in which it is done and how the type of music fits it is what im really interested in.

S Y N D R O M E S // M O T H E R from The Golden Filter on Vimeo.

In this trailer they way it is shot is what i would love to have in my video. Because it is a film trailer the clarity of each shot is so very sincere and clear because all it needs to focus on is the narrative as their is no song their and i think that with a strong narrative on my behalf mixed in with some of these very odd but clear shots in my music video my be going in the direction of the genre and feel i am getting for my track.

More ideas

I remembered this advert that was on TV ages ago and it sort of gave me the idea that i wanted the female in my narrative and possibly the singer being the same person to at the end of the song looking like the way this girl starts her night out.
Another thought that was suggested to me which i really like the sound of is sort of do the same thing that they have done here, do the night out or whatever story it is in reverse so at the start of my music video she would be completely trashed and wasted looking and then at the end she would be what she would have looked like before all the shit that happened to her, relationship wise. It would be quite tricky to do but i really love the concept of it.


I have been doing some research and looking at different music videos not ones of necessarily the same genre as my music video but examples of the kind of shots and edits i have been thinking about using in my video. This is Madonnas track Give it 2 me.  Again it's not the music i'm interested in just how the video is put together.
If you watch from 0:54 to 1:20 there are a lot of fast quick edits of her basically showing off her body and it gives off the sort sexy owning the stage feel and this is what i would like my female character to have as well. Also the use of the really fast edits of her dancing in front of the wall to a sort of quick snap of stock photo like images coming across. It's that sort of pace which i think matches my music track and it is along the sort of lines i want to do with my music video.
Another thing i took from this video that i liked was the fact throughout out the song it kept coming back to these two main settings where she is shot doing different things. This i find would be useful in my music video when i want breaks from the narrative behind the music and focus in on my female character singing the song and lip syncing the words perfectly. In the picture above i like that feeling of the character being closed into the corner so that in whatever way she expresses herself could be in a catatonic kind of state as she doesn't have much room which for me would really go well with the emotions i am thinking of putting in my music video as those sort of movements lend them selves to sadness and the sort of enticing provocative stance that most females take up when in a music video.
The picture below is quite a nice example of how throughout the song to have another place the video might keep coming back to and to have the close ups needed of the lead singer as is stated in Goodwins theory number 4: The demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of the artist. 

And also for the video i was hoping to have the characters appearance slowly degrade throughout the video and these sort of shots would help show that clearly.

My Track

Track 4 (mp3)

This is the track i have chosen to do for my main task. I have chosen this because i really like the underlying beat to the track and with the feel of the music i can sort of create in my head a few images of what i want in my video which includes fast edits when needed but also a strong narrative line as thats the type of music video i would like it to be.