Thursday, 12 January 2012


Looking through music videos I realized that quite a famous band has the same sort of colour scheme and contrast that I have going on with the black white and red idea. The White Stripes also use the same concept throughout their videos and this works especially well with the fact that they have a female drummer as it makes her stand out. However the main reason that this works for them is because by using just the three colours the contrasts between the colours are used to make the band stand out much more for us to see. An example of this is below in their video of seven nation army. As you can see in the picture the colours of the clothes they are wearing tend to blend with or contrast the colour of the moving background, and by doing this immediately draws your attention to the artists themselves which is where I got my inspiration to do the same for my artist in my music video as I think that selling the artist works well in a performance based video especially when you are using voyeuristic traits when filming my female singer.

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