Sunday, 30 October 2011

More Inspiration

Another video i have taken some inspiration from is atari teenage riots song blood in my eyes. The inspiration from this video just from watching the singer. I really like the way how she is singing into the camera which is above her and at the same time the area that is lit up for her sing into, she moves in and out of it which creates a really good effect and i think it especially suits the emotion and power parts of my song, especially when she starts singing the chorus i could see it working very well as it fits into the whole feel that i want with my music video.
This next video Runaway by Ladytron was really useful to me as it gave me another concept of how the black and white contrast can be used because i always had in my head the idea of black on crisp white background and the same the other way around however the effect you get from the lines in the video gives the look of something a bit more hectic and that might suit the lyrics of my song a bit better than having it all so crisp and neat. Another point i like in the video which might be hard to do myself, is the lines going up the walls in the background are going in unison with the music and this emphasizes the main underlying beat which gives you more of a feel for the music and rhythm and subtle things like that  would also be nice to have in my music video. 

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Creative Block And Inspirations

For a while i have been coming up short on my ideas and i couldn't understand why ideas weren't flowing so i had a little think about what i want to be shown and how to show it and have come back with lots of new ideas and inspiration thanks to alot of new videos that have been shown to me. On one of my earlier blog posts i showed the idea i had in my head about having a few different shots of an alley with the girl walking down it, and now with inspiration from La roux's video of BulletProof, i have decided to get three different shots of her walking down the alley but each time wearing a different dress and then edit them all to look like one shot however different parts of her are obviously in the different colours which i think looks really cool.You will find this example towards the end of the video.

The concept of my music video is to have contrast hence I am using Black and white because for me you can't really get any more contrasted than that and it also gives a sense of neat and crisp which i really want for this type of music video. A video that helped influence me was the video by Phantogram "When I'm Small" in this video it is constant black and white and the use of having a black liquid on the white is something for me is really quite attractive. There is also a part when the lead singer is singing with the black background behind but as she is moving she has the different coloured ghost trail that follows her and that is a really cool and i really want to use this for when i film in the drama studio and i will hopefully, using adobe premier pro cs 5.5, create a trail to follow her but my ghost trail will be red as i have realized i only want Red, Black, and White.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Record Label Searching

So I have been searching for the record companies and the best way was by using wikipedia, this was really useful because it has a long list of different independent English record labels and it was also good to see how you can type in the name of a similar band and then find their record label and see what other bands are also listed under them. As you can see i have screenshotted the different ways of getting to the final page of the record company.
To know whether Fierce Panda Records were the company i would like to choose i used a music site called the Hype Machine and on that i entered some of the band names that are listed with the fierce panda records and listened to some of their tracks to see if they were the sort of genre i liked. In the end i actually found a few tracks that were close to the same genre so from there i used another website which would help me even further Last
ShitDisco were the artists that were quite similar and so using the advantages of Last FM and having a look at similar artists i gathered that actually my song was quite similar to these bands and if fierce panda records would sign ShitDisco then they should quite feasibly be able to sign my singer.
Fierce Panda Records is the company I have chosen because they sign bands that are similar but also they are an independent UK based record company for independent artists in England so i think they would be the write people to help promote my Album.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


I got my feedback from the presentation i gave to my class. I found it really useful because i knew all the shots i wanted to use in my video however i was finding it really hard to put a narrative into the lyrics. It was then suggested to me that i should actually change the idea of using narrative to doing a performance based music video as it also made sense because alot of the music videos i have been looking at are mainly performance based so it will also provide me with more ideas as now they are alot more relevant.