Thursday, 3 November 2011

Camera Experience

I found it quite hard to get to grips with the new camera's so over the holiday i took it with me to cornwall to get used to the different settings i could use and also using the manual focus and other useful settings such as changing the colour scale and whether or not to use different effects.

This is the opposite hillside to St Ives and i was just trying out different shots seeing wether i could capture the rustic seaside feel of the town as the lighting and the sky seemed right to take it. This was just using the auto setting first as i just wanted to see what quality i would get and how good it would look. Looking back to edit this photo i would take some of the sky out so there is not so much of an expanse.

After getting used to the auto settings and what i am was getting from the picture's i set it to the P setting on the camera which required me to manual focus and i had my own user settings so for this i played around with the sepia tone effect which gave a completely different feel to the pictures as you can see in the one on the left i took of the old peir at low tide. It just gives it a very old earthy looking effect and that is quite a nice rustic feel for the scenery i was taking the picture of.

The next effext i played around with was using the monochrome and what advantage that gave me and it soon became apparent that for the old buildings in the alleyways of St Ives it gave a really crisp picture and added to the age of the buildings. The very crisp edge feeling i saw in the quality of the pictures meant that i now knew that using this effect would definatley work and give it a really nice finish when filming.

For this last photo i really liked the cloud patter and it gave alot of depth to the photo. This one made me realise that i do have to think about what angles would be best when filoming my artist in the alley scenes as i will want depth in them aswell and by shooting her dead on won't really give me that effect, so this is a usefull reminder for that.

Overall the reason i was taking these Photo's was because when i tried a photo shoot with my artist Effie i had alot of problems with the camera which i did not know how to solve and i also wasn't getting the desired effect that i wanted so by playing around and getting to know the camera a lot more by taking photo's and at looking at the different settings i feel as though i can maximise the effect of my music video.

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