Thursday, 3 November 2011


With the use of one of the greatest online shopping sites (Ebay) i found some dresses which are the similar sort of style i would like lead singer/Performer to be wearing. So obviously following on from the main concept i have  i am using only three colours Black White and Red all simply because the contrast of them all paints the perfect feeling of lust, emotion and a sense of freedom that i would love in my music video. This is the sort of black dress i am going for, i want it quite tight fitting because i like the feeling of it being quite buisness like and serious as this would contrast with the white.
With this white dress I think it gives the feeling of being free and and it would make her appear quite young because you get the sense of innocence with white which i another reason i would like to use it as it would look very ironic with the type of dancing i would like her to be doing. Also the frilly kind of texture it has adds to the innocence while at the same time shows more skin and this links to Goodwins Theory of Voyeurism as whoever watching will be completely focused on the artist herself especially when she is wearing more revealing clothes, so obviously would be looking at a largely more interested male audience therefore playing of the male gaze theory aswell i shall be keeping in mind if i would like more views.

Finally the red Dress. I have chosen to add the colour red into the contrasts of black and white because this colour could also be a contrast in the fact it is technically the only vivid colour and because of this it will emphasise it's effects which will make my artist look very seductive and again this will add to the male gaze effect that i want as obvioyusly it would make people pay much more attention especially men. The red dress will really work for when she will just be walking because it will change her movement of being just a walk into a very attractive catwalk like motion which will suit the effect i am going for.

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