Sunday, 30 October 2011

More Inspiration

Another video i have taken some inspiration from is atari teenage riots song blood in my eyes. The inspiration from this video just from watching the singer. I really like the way how she is singing into the camera which is above her and at the same time the area that is lit up for her sing into, she moves in and out of it which creates a really good effect and i think it especially suits the emotion and power parts of my song, especially when she starts singing the chorus i could see it working very well as it fits into the whole feel that i want with my music video.
This next video Runaway by Ladytron was really useful to me as it gave me another concept of how the black and white contrast can be used because i always had in my head the idea of black on crisp white background and the same the other way around however the effect you get from the lines in the video gives the look of something a bit more hectic and that might suit the lyrics of my song a bit better than having it all so crisp and neat. Another point i like in the video which might be hard to do myself, is the lines going up the walls in the background are going in unison with the music and this emphasizes the main underlying beat which gives you more of a feel for the music and rhythm and subtle things like that  would also be nice to have in my music video. 

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