Thursday, 20 October 2011

Creative Block And Inspirations

For a while i have been coming up short on my ideas and i couldn't understand why ideas weren't flowing so i had a little think about what i want to be shown and how to show it and have come back with lots of new ideas and inspiration thanks to alot of new videos that have been shown to me. On one of my earlier blog posts i showed the idea i had in my head about having a few different shots of an alley with the girl walking down it, and now with inspiration from La roux's video of BulletProof, i have decided to get three different shots of her walking down the alley but each time wearing a different dress and then edit them all to look like one shot however different parts of her are obviously in the different colours which i think looks really cool.You will find this example towards the end of the video.

The concept of my music video is to have contrast hence I am using Black and white because for me you can't really get any more contrasted than that and it also gives a sense of neat and crisp which i really want for this type of music video. A video that helped influence me was the video by Phantogram "When I'm Small" in this video it is constant black and white and the use of having a black liquid on the white is something for me is really quite attractive. There is also a part when the lead singer is singing with the black background behind but as she is moving she has the different coloured ghost trail that follows her and that is a really cool and i really want to use this for when i film in the drama studio and i will hopefully, using adobe premier pro cs 5.5, create a trail to follow her but my ghost trail will be red as i have realized i only want Red, Black, and White.

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