Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Record Label Searching

So I have been searching for the record companies and the best way was by using wikipedia, this was really useful because it has a long list of different independent English record labels and it was also good to see how you can type in the name of a similar band and then find their record label and see what other bands are also listed under them. As you can see i have screenshotted the different ways of getting to the final page of the record company.
To know whether Fierce Panda Records were the company i would like to choose i used a music site called the Hype Machine and on that i entered some of the band names that are listed with the fierce panda records and listened to some of their tracks to see if they were the sort of genre i liked. In the end i actually found a few tracks that were close to the same genre so from there i used another website which would help me even further Last
ShitDisco were the artists that were quite similar and so using the advantages of Last FM and having a look at similar artists i gathered that actually my song was quite similar to these bands and if fierce panda records would sign ShitDisco then they should quite feasibly be able to sign my singer.
Fierce Panda Records is the company I have chosen because they sign bands that are similar but also they are an independent UK based record company for independent artists in England so i think they would be the write people to help promote my Album.

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