Wednesday, 22 February 2012

My first shoot

So the first shoot for my music video was shooting with my singer/dancer Effie in the photography studio, I have chosen this location because I need the contrast of the white background and Effie’s black dress again to showcase Effie as that is really the main aim of my performance video. The studio I filmed in is actually rather small and because of that I encountered a few problems whilst filming.

The first problems I noticed were that there wasn’t much space and when I set the camera up even with it fully zoomed out so when I framed Effie in the middle of the room she was only just within the middle of the frame and when she extended her arms she nearly touched the lights on either side of her and her arms went out of view of the camera. So if I moved the camera any farther back I would end up having the lights in shot so to compromise I had to direct Effie with her dancing to try and do it without moving out of a certain amount of space. The next problem I had was with the laptop as it decided not to want to play my track as it did not recognize the file, so luckily I had VLC player on my memory stick so I copied it onto my friends laptop, plugged in the speakers and the track started to play thank goodness as it made Effie’s job of lip syncing much easier and for my sake it would be much more accurate.

However with the small amount of space available I did manage to get a variety of different angles and also some movement with the camera but at the same time I have managed to get the ceiling and the lights in the camera shot which at the moment doesn’t look very well but I’m sure I will be able to fiddle around with the shots when it comes to the editing.

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