Thursday, 1 March 2012

Editing the white part

So after having shot all the white footage in the photography studio and importing it into Adobe premiere pro I started to sort through my footage and play about with the contrasting and the and the effects. Straight away I changed all the pieces of footage (which turned out to be 12 minutes) to black and white and changed the contrast levels to get the optimum shades of black and white without compromising her facial expressions and her body being to blocky and sharp with the colours. As you can see in the picture here the whites and blacks are definitely more defined but the main reason for this was that you would then focus on the performer much more and therefore sticking to the voyeurism of Goodwin’s theory getting more attention for the artist.
Some complications that have arisen so far from editing the white part is that it is tricky with some of my lower angle shots to keep her in the frame when I scale the size down, the reason I had to scale the size down was because when getting the low angle shots I needed the ceiling comes into shot and it is in a bit of a state so to overcome that I scaled up the shots which also gave me a range of more close up shots. This was useful as it gave the white sequence a more diverse feel as there was now a larger variety of shots to keep the audience interested.

After having this first draft done I think I might change the editing slightly as to me it seems very similar in the fact that between each of the lines of song the sharp editing is the same pace and it seems as though it goes on a bit too long, and I am worried the audience might feel that as well and seeming that this is the opening I don’t want people to get bored straight away so I might play around with the shots and add in some longer connecting shots.

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