Friday, 30 March 2012

Audience Feedback

From the edited parts i already had done, which were the black part (30 seconds) and the white part (30 seconds) Mr wallis sent them to some of his collegues who gave some very useful feedback, here are some of the emails that and comments he got back.

These comments were really usefull as people liked both parts of the music video the white and the black when i was afraid that the majority would prefer the black as that was where i found that my editing was most strong as i had had more time on the computer after editing the white sequence. It's constructive comments about the nightclub was quite usefull as one of my conception ideas was to film in a nightclub but in the end i couldn't do it as i wouldn't have been aloud to film everyone in a nightclub and also get my uinderage lead singer in one aswell. However overall it is really a confidence boost to see that people are saying i am going in the right direction and after the majority prefering the black part i shal probably look at re editing some of the white part as i now feel my skills have developed further with editing on adobe Premier pro.

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