Sunday, 29 April 2012

Final Digi Pack

This is my final digi pack finished, i started trying to create it on adobe illustrator but the program proved to be to basic in editing photos that i could not even crop my photos, so instead of me using the pen tools and fillers to create the whole front pannel of my digipack i then switched to photoshop. This was much easier to use for all my photos as i had the benefit of using raw photos therefore i then found some photoshop tuttorials to help me create my first drafts of my fron digipack pannel which then led me to creating the final front pannel. By following generic conventions i came up nwith the ideas for my other pannels of the digi pack to stick with live performance and electro pop, with the jack cable as the cd cover to the speaker refering to live performances and the modern electr pop feeling with my protaganist leg just in show. Again another theme was that you couldn't see my protaganist's face as you can already see her in my poster and i though it would be good to challenge conventions by not showing her face like most artists of my genre.

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