Thursday, 26 April 2012

Evaluation 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

From the start of conception I wanted to have my music video as a narrative, I took the lyrics far too literally and started to try to create a relationship between a man and women from what I took from the lyrics and in the end it was becoming very far-fetched ideas because instead of trying to come up with original ideas of my own, with a different meaning I was trying to suit ideas to the song which I very quickly realized wasn’t working as when I gave my ideas to the class the feedback I got was that it would be very simple and cheesy to watch, along with the fact that this kind of storyline wouldn’t really suit the genre of my music track which at the time I wasn’t 100%on. So from my first feedback session I realized I had a basic knowledge of music genres and what performances suit which so I started to research into different bands videos such as muse to get the synth feel that I have in my song as well.

I then went into my video with a completely new concept focusing on really trying to sell my singer with a simplistic concept that would attract the audience straight away, and after getting a good response from the class about this idea I went ahead to start filming so that I could really show people what I wanted to make. As I couldn’t explain a few of the shots I wanted to use in my video I decided to compile a little clip from Florence and the machines and a mix of the shot that I wanted that I found on YouTube of an alleyway, and edited them together with some of my music track so I show people a bit of my idea before it was finished and the fact that people were saying they could really see the music suiting the dancing from Florence and the mix of low angle medium shots of an alleyway suited the feel of the music track, so from then on I knew what I was going to be filming.

Whilst editing the white part from my music video that I had filmed I kept in mind the comments from my fellow students that the edit I had done of Florence fitted the music track, so I made the decision to make my edits to the beats of the music as from what I gathered that would bring people into the feel of the genre more and wanting to watch my singer as snappy quick edits requires them to focus more and shouldn’t really give them time to get to bored. Once I finished a part of the white section I exported it and put it onto YouTube so that I could get feedback from other teachers to offer advice at what level I was heading at with what I had done so far. Fortunately I had some really good comments saying I was working towards a level 4 and that the edits on the beat of the music worked really well, however there were some warnings not to keep going with the same repetitive pattern otherwise it could get quite boring to watch. With that in mind I set about moving onto to film the black section of my video.

Once I finished the editing of the black section I then put it next to the white section to get the contrast I wanted and put that on YouTube to see if I was still going in the right direction and it still fitted with the voyeuristic style of selling my singer to the audience. The feedback I then got was from some colleagues and teachers that my teach new and this was very helpful as they give very constructive comments which are quite hard to get from friends who only tend to say they like it or that it looks nice, anyway they thought that the black section was much more interesting to watch as the editing style was more about finding the right music beats and seemed much tighter, this was because the time between editing the two my skills in editing had improved so with this information in hand I then went about changing the  start of the white section with a few inserts of the black clips so it would introduce the next section.

After completing my music video with the red sections included, all put together and finalised I posted my video onto the social networking site Facebook so that I could get the audience feedback from friend s to see if what I had created suited the genre and also to get an idea of whether or not my music video was suited for the age range of my friends. The feedback I got from them was quite useful, such as comments about how the editing worked really well contrasted to some people suggesting that maybe there should have been a narrative as it was quite samey just seeing the singer dancing in a similar way throughout the whole piece. Overall the constructive comments made me look back on my music video as more as a project that developed my skills in the editing suite and hopefully will help me to create better projects.

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